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Discount Lenovo L11S6Y01 Laptop Battery

Lenovo L11S6Y01

Replacement Lenovo L11S6Y01 battery 5200mAh 10.8V V

Voltage : 10.8V

Capacity : 369g

Capacity: 48Wh

Color : Black

Warranty : 2 years warranty

Size : 239.60 x 52.31 x 30.24 mm

Available:In Stock,Immediately Delivery after the payment


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Lenovo L11S6Y01 AC Adapter

Lenovo L11S6Y01 AC Adapter

Color : Black

Warranty : 2 years warranty


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This Lenovo L11S6Y01 battery Fit Models

LENOVO IdeaPad Z380
LENOVO IdeaPad Z480
LENOVO IdeaPad Z580

This Lenovo L11S6Y01 Compatible Battery Code

Lenovo L11L6F01
Lenovo L11L6R01
Lenovo L11L6Y01
Lenovo L11M6Y01
Lenovo L11N6R01
Lenovo L11N6Y01
Lenovo L11P6R01
Lenovo L11S6F01
Lenovo L11S6Y01

How to extend the life of your laptop Lenovo L11S6Y01 battery


  • Knowing the frustration of dealing with batteries lose power more quickly! When you purchase the Lenovo L11S6Y01 battery for computer lasts a few hours and gradually reduces the amount of time until it does not seem to last more than 10 minutes instead of suffering again and again using these tips to extend the life of your battery life of laptop computers.
    1.First, you need to fully charge a  Lenovo L11S6Y01 before use! It is difficult to make your new battery to stay there all the time, but it is important in the interest of its strength and durability.
    2.Recharge the battery before it completely empty which are made a vital mistake by many people! If you have a nickel-cadmium battery, it is even more important to ensure that you do this. It helps prevent wear half to charge the battery.
    3.Conserve energy when using the manufactured Lenovo L11S6Y01 battery for your laptop. Only run certain programs such as CD drives when you have a laptop plugged into an outlet. Also try to reduce the brightness of your screen at any time you can save energy.
    4.Close any applications when you are not using for a while to help reduce the use of your battery.
    5.When it is time to replace the Lenovo L11S6Y01 battery opt for lithium batteries.They last longer than others. It is normal to have to replace your laptop battery about every two years.
    6.If you have the money to invest in two batteries it will help both of them last longer than average. Then you can disable using each. This is especially useful when you're on the road and away from a power source.
    7.Maybe one day there will be a Lenovo L11S6Y01 battery life, you'll never have to replace one, so far are all that one you do!

Battery for Lenovo L11S6Y01